About Us

The term interaction design was first coined by Bill Moggridge and Bill Verplank in the mid-1980s. It would be another 10 years before other designers rediscovered the term and started using it. To Verplank, it was an adaptation of the computer science term user interface design to the industrial design profession. To Moggridge, it was an improvement over soft-face, which he had coined in 1984 to refer to the application of industrial design to products containing software

Education Partners



VEDA IIT (VLSI Engineering and Design Automation) is an industry driven state-of-the-art training institute of excellence in various fields such as VLSI, Embedded systems and User Experience design. Since its inception in 1997, about 100 batches have progressed and about 2000 students have been successfully trained. The curriculum of all the courses at VEDA, is set in such a manner that the students have more hands on experience in their chosen field.

Consortium Partners


Soctronics is a customer-focused flexible VLSI design services company. We offer complete Spec-to-Silicon turnkey solutions in Logic Design, Physical Design, Analog Mixed Signal Design, Layout and Software Engineering.


INVECAS is founded by semiconductor industry visionaries to address the unique challenges encountered in deep sub-micron technologies. INVECAS aggregates IP, design and realization solutions to provide complete ASIC solutions for a diverse range of industries and markets.


Prior to Ineda’s WPU, designers and engineers were forced to retrofit microprocessors and microcontrollers originally designed for smartphones to build the new class of wearable technology products.