About Us


UXR designs and builds rich, engaging software products across any combination of devices and technology platforms (i.e., web, mobile, automobile, TV, consumer electronics and other “Internet of Things” devices) to meaningfully connect users to systems.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, UX & D ACADEMY is a premier user experience (UX) software design-consulting firm focused on creating enterprise and consumer software products.

The team was started more than a year back, by Prasad & Satyam Kantamneni who are industry leaders for User Centered Design, and both have history in successfully leading & building large global design organizations (Yahoo, PayPal, Citrix, eBay).

Quick Facts

Full Time , 6 months.
On any average day, students will have two sessions (Morning and Afternoon).
Each session will consist of 1 hour of theory, and 3 hours of practical work.
During the course , students will be expected to complete 10+ projects — including 1 live project.