4 Months, Full-time


In our technologically state-of-the-art society, access to information seems easier. The users get attracted to the cutting-edge, dynamic and interactive websites and web applications. The breakthrough of global connectivity is formed on the groundwork of programming languages. Here comes the technical expertise of the Front-end Developers. The Front-end Developers program the rich and exciting, visible and interactive features of a website using such languages HTML, CSS, Javascript.


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What You’ll Learn


Open a website and make your browser smaller. Did the page content change its layout to fit the new screen? That’s responsive design. By diving into responsive design principles, you’ll learn how to make websites that scale and adjust themselves to offer amazing experiences regardless of the device.


Bootstrap is a good example of this. Frameworks make it easy to structure and build websites. They provide custom CSS classes that ensure that your content looks great no matter the device. Frameworks can help you follow industry best practices and modern design principles. Other frameworks, like Foundation, provide the same kind of structure for your websites.


You know how your Facebook page has the exact same layout as all of your friends’ pages? That’s because of templating engines. Templating engines are key for creating dynamic websites based on data that they pull from back-end servers. Understanding how to use a templating engine is the first step in building a web app.

Version Control Mechanism

With complex projects, how do you maintain your code? Version control software like Git helps software developers around the world save and maintain their code, even as projects grow to hundreds of developers and dozens of sub-projects.




Bad at QUOTING, but good at CODING


This is a Full time 4 month intensive program. As part of this, the Apprentice will be expected to complete 3+ projects.

On average in any given week, there will be 4 hours of instruction and 40 hours of practical work.

  • Fundamental of UI Design

  • Orientation
  • Introduction (overall process)
  • HTML basics
  • CSS (queries, animations)
  • Responsive HTML
  • Basics of Javascript
  • jQuery and Ajax
  • Advanced javaScript
  • jQuery UI
  • Bootstrap
  • Php basics
  • MySQL
  • Angular Js
  • MVC architecture
  • Advanced Php
  • MySQL advanced


Our Process

Selection is based on the performance of the candidate in the recruitment exam which is followed by an interview for those candidates who successfully cleared the entrance exam conducted by UXReactor.

Minimum Qualification

Bachelors Degree


Design, Architecture, BFA, B.Sc, M.Sc, B.A., M.A., B.E. B.Tech, M.Tech, BBA, and MBA.



Students should have graduated by July 2018.

Exceptional Candidates without minimum qualifications may also apply.